Application Dutch prep class (ISK) – English

Applicationform for Dutch prep class (ISK)

    Date of birth*:  

    Date of arrival in The Netherlands*:  


    Date of birth parent/guardian*:  

    Relationship to student*:  fathermotherguardian

    The address of parent/guardian 1 is equal to student*:  yesno

    Date of birth parent/guardian*:  

    Relationship to student:  fathermotherguardian

    The address of parent/guardian 2 is equal to student:  yesno

    Education in the Netherlands

    Did you follow primary education in the Netherlands?*:  

    Did you follow secondary education in the Netherlands?*:  

    Medical details

    Are there any medical details that the school should take into account?*:  
    Is there any family assistance by an external organization?*: